Versed Skincare — What to skip & what you can’t miss

Versed Skincare, the affordable and aesthetic-heavy skincare brand, is taking the beauty space by storm. With accessible products (hello Target) and a skin-first approach, the minimalist brand makes it easy to bring chic, good-for-you ingredients right to your beauty shelf.

As a true skin-care novice I tried everything in the Haul of Fame, a bundle of Versed all time best-sellers, here’s everything I thought that was not-so-worthwhile, worthy of a try, and worth a buy.

Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm

If you haven’t tried a cleansing balm to remove your makeup — like me prior to writing this review — I highly recommend dropping everything to go experience this life changing skincare step.

This rich, smooth, and eucalyptus-kissed polish truly melts any makeup, sunscreen, and residue in its path. It’s a heavenly first step in any skin-care routine, Versed’s balm in particular removed eye makeup, mascara, and tinted sunscreen with ease, leaving my skin feeling nourished, not stripped. I did feel like I needed to follow up with a cleanser (more on that soon) but overall this is a glorious step that I will happily include in my nightly routine.

Overall rating: BUY

Versed Wash it Out Gel Cleanser

Advertised as the tag team duo with the day dissolve balm, the gel cleanser is worthy of a lather. It is minty fresh and looks clinically clean, which is welcomed after the decadent balm. Used together, I’m all about it. Would I use it on its own? Probably not — I’d likely reach for a trusty bottom shelf cleanser like a CeraVe.

Overall rating: GIVE IT A TRY

Guards Up Daily Mineral Sunscreen

Ah mineral sunscreen, so important to wear . . . so hard to nail. Truth be told, Versed has a great product. At first use, I didn’t think it would hold up in my daily routine. But here I am a week later, using it every AM. It’s creamy — not grainy, glides on smooth, rubs in, and best of all, includes zinc oxide, my no. 1 ingredient when it comes to protecting the face. Plus, the packaging sparks joy every time I reach for it.

Overall rating: GIVE IT A TRY

Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum

I’m new to the retinol train, but as a late-twenty-something I know it’s important. Low and behold this gentle formula is “a retinol serum specifically formulated for sensitive skin types and first-time retinol users” and thus, I feel seen. This gate-way retinol is perfect for coming-of-age skin and mild enough to be used daily.

Overall rating: BUY

Versed Dew Point Moisturizer

The good: hydrating. The cool gel formula feels hydrating and repairing on skin, especially if you’ve been in the sun. Bonus points for its multi-use recipe (aka you can use day and night) I love a versatile moisturizer. The eh: jelly. Granted, this was exactly the purpose of the moisturizer — to provide folks with a feather-light recipe for those who don’t like the traditional cream texture. Call me old fashioned, but I’m in the milky moisturizer camp, I’ll always reach for something silky soft and cream-based. Take it with a grain of salt, but I’m simply not sold on preference alone.

Overall rating: SKIP

Zero-G Smoothing Eye Cream

This little pot of peach crème truly “applies like butter” to help lined, bag-accompanied, and tired eyes. As far as eye treatment goes, it’s pleasant, smells great, and is lightweight on the under eye. While it works overtime, I wish it locked in more moisture on the spot (à la a little Vaseline under the eyes).

Overall rating: SKIP

Will I be back? Absolutely. I’m a newly admitted fan who can’t wait to try all the Versed Skin lotions and potions.